Purpose Fulfillment

WonderWorks partners with purpose-focused leaders around the globe to fulfill their aspirations and unleash the genius of their people. We provide conscious leadership development, trainings and implementations for self-organizing structures in addition to Holacracy®, and executive coaching.

Organizations are complex adaptive systems, one of the greatest challenges we see is how to integrate the creative voices of all without getting bogged down in endless meetings. WonderWorks supports organizations in turning this challenge into an opportunity.”

Anna McGrath, Co-Founder of WonderWorks

Polarity thinking is the process of integrating opposite positive values, preferences, and perspectives, like innovation and execution. We teach organizations how to leverage the power of opposites positives to propel sustainable growth.

Self-Organizing Structures

We support 21st century leaders and their teams in building meaningful organizations that drive innovation. In today’s marketplace, organizations hunger for operational practices that inspire employees to have clear roles, take responsibility, adapt quickly to change, and informed decisions. We partner with you to custom design and implement a self-organizing system that matches your unique culture and business objectives.
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Transforming Messy

Facing difficult situations at work can be terrifying, whether it’s a crisis or rapid growth. How do you shift challenging situations and break work patterns that aren’t serving the wellbeing of your organization? WonderWorks views messy situations as opportunities for transformation. We support organizations in leveraging these challenges and replacing fear and resistance with curiosity and openness.
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Service Areas:

  • Transforming Messy
    (Crisis Management, Rapid Growth, and/or Change)

  • Progressive Operational Structures and Governance 
    (Custom Design and Implementation of Self-Organizing Structures)

  • Whole Body Intelligence and Conscious Leadership
    (Leadership and Career Development)

  • Conscious Culture Evolution 
    (Culture Change and Expansion)


  • Healthy Responsibilities – Skills and Behaviors
    (Team Training)

  • Coaching Purpose-focused Individuals and Teams
    (Executive Coaching, Business Advisory)

  • Collective Intelligence Process and Metrics
    (Interviews, Assessments, and KPIs)

  • Off-site Team Retreat Facilitation
    (Speaking Engagements and Custom Programs)


21st Century Organizations

We serve purpose-focused organizations and people.

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