Purpose Fulfillment

WonderWorks partners with purpose-focused organizations to fulfill their aspirations and unleash the genius of their people. We customize high-performing operational structures and design conscious culture programs for 21st century organizations. We support leaders and their teams through times of growth and change.  

Organizations are complex adaptive systems that benefit from listening to the creative voices of ALL. By looking at both the behaviors (culture and people) AND structures (governance and processes), we design our approach to match your unique culture and business goals.  

What is Polarity Thinking?

Embodying Purpose

We support purpose-driven leaders in their efforts to structure meaningful organizations, live fulfilling lives, and ripple positive impact. Our custom approach selects only those methods and practices that are directly applicable to real performance. We work on focused projects, collaborations, and multi-year engagements.

Scaling Culture/Business

With deep respect for the current workplace culture, we guide organizations through difficult situations and growth opportunities from a place of shared purpose. We support executives, leadership teams, and whole organizations to face what is, and move all stakeholders forward with greater awareness and clarity.

Service Areas:

  • Transforming Messy
    (Crisis Management and/or Business Growth)

  • Self-Organizing Systems and Governance Structures
    (Operations and Management)

  • Whole Body Intelligence and Conscious Leadership
    (Leadership and Career Development)

  • Conscious Cultures and Culture Evolution 
    (Culture Change and Culture Scaling)


  • Healthy Responsibilities – Skills and Behaviors
    (Team Training Programs)

  • Coaching Purpose-focused Individuals and Teams
    (Executive Coaching, Business Advisory)

  • Collective Intelligence Process and Metrics
    (Interviews, Assessments, and KPIs)

  • Off-site Team Retreat Facilitation
    (Speaking Engagements and Custom Programs)


21st Century Organizations

We serve purpose-focused organizations and people.

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