Do you want to know how to Operationalize Transformation?

Transformation is powerful. But it isn’t always easy or manageable, even for the most purpose-driven leaders. Conscious organizations that are ready to thrive, now and in the future, turn to WonderWorks Consulting.

And that’s why WonderWorks is transforming the change process itself by Operationalizing Transformation™.

How can WonderWorks help you transform?

What is Holacracy?

The Challenge

Even with well-intentioned leadership, most 21st century organizations are stuck in outdated paradigms and structures that don’t meet today’s opportunities and trials. It is becoming increasingly difficult for leadership and employees to continue innovating within a traditional organizational structure.

Conscious leaders recognize a need for radical, sustainable change. Driven by purpose, they see the potential within their organizations to achieve success as they define it.

For these progressive organizations, WonderWorks Consulting addresses the greatest challenge of our time: how to resolve resistance to change.

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The Solution

In order to succeed, 21st century organizations that want to thrive must embrace innovation and purpose. They need an operation system and governance structure that responds quickly to input while supporting agile decision making, and facilitates a network of stakeholders who are motivated by a shared purpose.

That’s where WonderWorks comes in. With a track record of Operationalizing Transformation, WonderWorks supports organizations in producing results that are profitable, scalable, and sustainable, while supporting the people who make it all happen.

In a nutshell, WonderWorkers love what we do and love the people we partner with.

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When conscious leaders wish to empower their employees and create a conscious organization, they turn to Holacracy. A self-organizing management system, Holacracy facilitates swift, agile and sustainable scaling for organizations across all industries.

With new meetings practices and processes, Holacracy focuses on action-taking tactical meetings. The self-organizing governance structure brings clarity to evolving roles and accountabilities. By integrating and valuing all perspectives, Holacracy team members are happier, more fulfilled, more engaged, more creative and higher performing.

Holacracy is revolutionizing the business world, and WonderWorks, the 1st Holacracy Licensee in the USA, can show you how. Are you in?

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Conscious Leadership

Combining profit and purpose. We believe it’s not just possible, it’s critical for organizations who wish to thrive.

But they won’t just thrive. With conscious leadership and a conscious culture, modern organizations will set the pace of business for generations to come.

At WonderWorks, we blend transformational behavior practices and Holacratic governance and operating systems to support businesses to transform their cultures and structures. We employ a unique set of cutting edge and time tested tools, processes and practices, trained, facilitated, implemented and coached by the finest WonderWorkers.

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21st Century Organizations –
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Discover the game-changing organizational paradigm for 21st century conscious business—and what it can do for your team.

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