A friend of mine, Mary Mix, introduced me to this idea a few years ago (see below for the back story). Choosing one word vs. tons of words that resonate with you for 2017.

Hmmmmm . . . I enjoy the thought of landing on a very special ‘word’ that I can refer back to throughout 2017.  Also, I love the process of how I decide which word is MY word.

Stage One: Kick-Off

I kick-off by jotting down every word that comes into my head without adding a thought or story to them.

Stage Two: Pickle Stage

Next, I get curious about each word for day’s….. I call this the ‘pickle’ stage. I don’t try to rush anything. I stay open and curious.

Stage Three: A Word that represent the present, past and future

Over the years, when I’ve gone through this process, I’ve noticed a certain ‘word’ ended up representing the ‘present’ for me. Another ‘word’ seems to capture me from the past.

I have not made a final decision as yet for 2017. Though, I can’t wait to fall in love with the word that in the end, seems to have chosen me… I take this stuff seriously you know 🙂

I’m still in the pickling stage. However, the word that has recycled a number of times is the word ‘Time’ hmmmmmmmm curious!

Go ahead, try it, its a great exercise to flush out your mindset (belief’s) for 2017….
Mary Mix Story:  It all started nearly 20 years ago at a holiday dinner. We were all sitting around the table lamenting the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions. We all had them, or attempted a list, but we never managed to fulfill them and it made us feel bad. So we scrapped the whole idea. Instead, each of us came up with a single word that would set the tone for the year to come. It can be anything, it just has to resonate for you personally. The idea is that this is YOUR word for the whole year – a singular rallying cry, intention, reminder, kick in the pants, inspiring thought…. use it however you like. Live it for the year. See how you feel.