On Dec.19th in my Motivational Monday Message I Invited you to choose a ‘Word’ that would best represent you for 2017.  I finally decided on my word – it is ‘Shedding’!  (Check out the post to see the back story on how this fun idea came about.)

Why did I finally decide on the word ‘shedding’?

After trying on numerous other words, none of which felt right for me, I noticed over a matter of days I found myself using the word ‘shedding’ to describe what I was feeling or thinking about taking action on. For example, I wanted to shift how I organize my day, but before I could make that happen, I wanted to shed a number of belief’s that I had been operating out of.

The word ‘shedding’ enabled me to accelerate that process. I felt empowered to let go of stuff without getting hooked into a story about it. I simply felt into the word ‘shedding’ and I was able and willing to let go.

I still get pleasantly surprised at the power of words… but also how good the word feels inside my body when I feel truly aligned. I call that ‘Body Intelligence’. I was ready to make a commitment, and through January 9th, I am living that commitment.

Yea, to a great start to a Fabulous 2017!