Tapping into your “Higher Purpose”

In my experience, uncovering your authentic purpose in life is equivalent to giving yourself permission to live to your fullest potential. A life – that is rewarding, fulfilling and energizing.

So, what needs to happen to encourage or inspire more people to fully explore what their authentic purpose is? And how can we continue to evolve and live into our purpose; and then, over time, deepen into our Higher Collective Purpose?

These are high-level questions to ask yourself – especially if you are committed to bringing out the best in you, and in others.

Over the years, I am grateful to continually go on this discovery journey for myself, and to have supported many others – from Founders, CEO’s and their team members, to unearth their true purpose. So why is uncovering your authentic purpose so important to individuals and the work they do?

Let’s get personal and have me answer that. One of my passions that truly aligns with my higher purpose, is expressing my authentic voice. I believe my voice brings value to the world. If I were unwilling to express my authentic voice, I would feel completely disengaged and truly would go around feeling unhappy most of their time.

In a work environment, my passion and purpose align in my commitment to teaching and supporting organizations to implement a Self-Organizing (SO) System and Infrastructure. An SO system is customized to best fit the organization’s strengths, and encourages individuals at every level of the organization to not just have a voice, but to be rewarded for adding their authentic voice to the conversation – even when unpopular. Furthermore, their voice has power over the work they do.

I find so much pleasure watching people truly come alive when their authentic voice is heard. This gives them the opportunity to align their purpose with their work. Can you imagine the power of the collective intelligence and talent of an organization when operating at this level of authentic expression? Delivering – both on the individual and at the organization level. Trust me when I say, it’s magical to observe!

Here is a simple exercise you can utilize to get you started on your own journey of exploration:

  1. What are you so passionate about that would make you feel disengaged in life, if you were not taking action on whatever it was?
  2. Are you aligning your purpose with the work you do? If not, what story have you made up as the reason that is stopping you?
  3. What fear stories are you carrying around, making it impossible to live a purposeful life?


The Bay Area Conscious Capitalism Chapter – an organization whose board I have served on for the past five years – is hosting a one-day conference focused on Higher Purpose on February 28th, 2016. We will have interesting speakers share their experience of living in their Higher Purpose, followed by breakout sessions to support attendees explore how to tap into their authentic purpose. If you are interested in diving deeper into this topic, join us by clicking on this link for additional information.

Setting off into 2017, being fully aware and aligned with your purpose will support you to live a healthier, happier and wealthier life… I am certain that it’s possible for you because I’m living proof!

Good luck! And I hope to see some of you at the February event.