HigherPurpose2017 – Feb 28th CCBA Conference

Do you know your stakeholders?

Look around you. They are your customers, employees, vendors, investors, community members and shareholders. If you bring a sense of higher purpose to your organization, you understand the needs and value of all your stakeholders. Not just your shareholders.

A conscious business honors the nature of being human and interdependent, and makes those qualities fundamental to its operations. A wise, conscious leader creates value with and for everyone associated with the organization, so the business functions as a thriving ecosystem.

All the pieces and people fit together with purpose as the glue.

The culture in a conscious company feels welcoming, even to customers that have never walked through your doors. If you’ve worked for a company that is purely profit-motivated, you know the cold and hard difference.

When an organization embraces all of its stakeholders, everyone feels respected and supported. That experience – believe it or not – is what puts conscious companies on the path to higher profits. It’s good for business, attracting loyal customers and clients, improving employee retention and inspiring organizational leaders. And it rewards your investors and shareholders as well.

This isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes more than a leap of faith. It takes careful, conscious and practical planning to embrace and motivate all of your stakeholders.

At HigherPurpose17, a Conscious Capitalism Bay Area Conference, we will explore the strategies and tactics of achieving a Stakeholder Orientation – how to identify it, bring it to life and anchor it to your business practices.


Join us on February 28th for a daylong conference where we will dive deep into Stakeholder Orientation along with Higher Purpose, Conscious Culture and Conscious Leadership. We’ll explore how to apply these Four Tenets to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Keynote Speaker:

John Mackey
Co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market

Bay Area Speakers:

Neil Grimmer
Founder and CEO of Habit
Co-founder & Chairman of Plum Organics

Suzanne DiBianca
Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations & Chief Philanthropy Officer Salesforce

Matt Perry
Business Lead of DDB
Co-founder of The Bravery

Michael C. Bush
CEO of Great Place to Work

***Additional Speakers from conscious businesses around the Bay Area to be announced!

Breakfast and Registration 8-9am
Conference 9-5pm
Conscious Happy Hour 5-7pm
*Breakfast and Lunch provided

CEOs and their leadership teams, executives and entrepreneurs, the consultants and coaches who serve and support them, leaders and team members within businesses, and anyone interested in learning more about Conscious Capitalism.

Non-Member Ticket: $250
CCBA Member Ticket: $225
Ticket plus a 1-Year Membership to CCBA: $295
Non-Member Student Ticket: $225
Student Ticket plus a 1-year Membership to CCBA: $265