I decided to do a little spring-cleaning this past weekend. I got as far as my clothes closet! Considering how much I enjoy the ritual of pulling out clothes I haven’t worn in many months (or years) and sending them onto Goodwill, two bags later, here I was…

On reflection, it blows my mind how good I am at ignoring stuff….Stuff I enjoy and stuff I don’t like… Maybe, in my defense, if I had a smaller closet I wouldn’t be able to hang on to so many clothes in the first place (unconscious speak). Nice try!

Lesson learnt from my closet experience…I decided to face the other thing I’ve been putting off – updating my tasks and projects in the time management system I use (Things). Hmmmmm at closer inspection, even ideas/projects in my ‘Someday Maybe’ folder required the ‘delete’ button.

In complete transparency, I ran out of time before I ran out of tasks, etc, to sort or delete.  Enter waves of self-judgment.  Which I find neither motivates nor energizes me, so I allowed the thoughts/stories to drift in and out of my consciousness and when I was ready – I got back to work.

What are you unwilling to face?  Are you ready to get curious about the reasons why?  Whatever it is or wherever you choose to put your attention, good luck!  And remember self-judgment is optional and not an excuse to continue ignoring 🙂