Recently I flew in a glider. It’s not the first time I’ve flown in a glider, but it is the first time I’ve actually piloted one. No surprise, I loved it more than ever, and have added obtaining a glider pilot license to my bucket list.

Outside of the fun I had, this experience continues to provide me with insights about my leadership style. One repeating lesson is how I show up when I move from a Follower to a Leader role. In a Leader role, I noticed when I stepped into playing the pilot role, I was excited and couldn’t wait to take over the controls as if I knew what I was doing… which I didn’t, and I also noticed I added about 1000 percent more seriousness to the task.

Now I know I was flying about 1,500 feet in the air, and as the pilot said, “you’re close enough to the ground that you can see the cows below us” and I responded with “and high enough to die if I mess up”…

The point I’m making is this – In the Leader role – I was feeling joy. I loved being at the controls yet, without saying a single word, I automatically took on more responsibility for the pilot’s well-being even though I knew he had dual control of the glider. Verses in the Follower role I took on no responsibility outside my own enjoyment. I sat back relaxed and hands off. In hindsight, in the Leader role, I had become less playful and in the Follower role, I had less awareness of what was going on inside the glider.

This week, I plan to bring consciousness to how I change my behavior when I’m in a Leader verses Follower role?  The easiest way to do it – I commit to notice when I’ve taken more or less than 100% responsibility for my actions.  Based upon my experience in the glider, as a Leader I took on more than 100% responsibility – I’m curious to see if that also happens when my feet are firmly planted on the ground!

Next action: I plan to notice what stories I’ve added to the current situation that is automatically causing me to believe / act in a certain way. I commit to placing the story in my head into an imaginary book that I hold in my hand… the goal being, I want to give myself precious time to get curious about what is true (actually happening in the moment) and what this old repeating story that is replaying in my head wants me to know or learn from.

I know that by bringing consciousness to the beliefs I hold will allow me to accelerate a change in my behaviors, and encourage me to live ‘fully awake’, which will result in me choosing to add more playfulness into my life!

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