Sergio Garcia, won his first major golf tournament at the Masters having played professional golf for eighteen years. He won it on the 60th birthday of his mentor the late Seve Ballesteros.

Sergio was so talented from such a young age that it was a sure thing he would and should win not one but a number of Major titles (there are 4 Major Championships held per year). To hear Sergio, for many years he too believed in his ability to win a major tournament, but each time it didn’t happen, that belief began to erode.

It got to the point where he thought he had become too old to win a Major. His mental strength no longer able to control his nerves over four days of tournament play. I’m sure there were many reasons he told himself why he would never achieve his goal. But the one thing he never did was quit. Instead, he continued to show up, year after year, tournament after tournament.

This is why so many of the golfing fans and fellow players had been rooting for Sergio this past weekend. There was genuine respect for his ability to play incredible golf and to continually put himself in a position to win the ultimate trophy. A win at the Masters!

I also believe Sergio’s ability to channel the positive ‘never give up’ energy of his mentor helped him to stay focused and able to find his ‘A’ game when he most needed it. All day Sunday he looked and acted like a winner.

I noticed this example reinforced my belief to continue to dream big, to step outside of my comfort zone, to set goals that I love and get excited about. So much so, that no matter what happens, I commit to continue to show up so I can achieve what I most want in life.

Here is my invitation to you – this week look for opportunities that inspire you, to take one single action that requires more of yourself and encourages others around you to do more of the same.