One of the best pieces of leadership advice I have ever received was – always hire people who love to work in their genius zone. I’ve taken this advice and this morning I reminded myself how important and inspirational that advice has been to me and to the success of WonderWorks.

Monday Morning tactical meetings: I walked out of back to back meetings in which everyone in the meeting was operating from their genius zones. I noticed how relaxed I felt knowing there are people around me doing what they are so good at doing and having fun doing it. I also noticed that I sat back a little deeper in my chair, choosing to listen, observe and learn so much more from them as they talked and interacted with each other.

Experiencing verses Expressing – feels like a ‘gate way’ channel that has supported me to become awake, and able to appreciate what I value in others and in myself. It’s the ability to uncover our genius skills & talents so we may fulfill our purpose in life.

A productive and aligned Monday Morning: I came across an article in the New York Times… To Be a Genius, Think Like a 94-Year-Old. I agree in particular with one aspect of the article, there are no age limits to uncovering and expressing your genius, simply the desire and commitment!

I invite you to enjoy your week by expressing your genius however or whatever that looks and feels like for you.