During meditation today, a great idea came to me so I gave it the ‘essence’ test… meaning I took a few seconds to process the idea using my whole body as a sensing machine. Example: If my mind likes the idea but my gut doesn’t, then I let the idea float away because I know without a full body yes (commitment), why bother starting something I know I will not finish.

The idea I had was simple (who doesn’t love simple?)…. It was Friday afternoon. I imagined myself sitting on the deck of my beach home, looking out at the ocean, the sun is shining and I’m drinking a cold glass of water with ice chips. I’m wearing my favorite tennis shorts and a white tee shirt. My arms are up in the air waving back and forth.

I can hear myself yelling and hooting, as I celebrate achieving the one personal and one professional goal that I had set myself Monday morning. I was feeling outrageously happy and fulfilled due to the fact the two goals I had set, brought value to the planet, increased my aliveness, and were considered by me as ‘Yahooooo’ goals.

I can feel the ease in my body as I set out Monday morning to deliver on my Yahoooo goals. I feel no stress as is often the case when goal setting. In fact, I feel energized because I have already embodied the sense of achievement and this feeling supports and motivates me to deliver on my aligned goals.

If you plan to set goals, you might want to give this process a try, its fun and great at increasing your ability to think creatively.