I took a walk along the beach on Mothers Day. The sun shone all afternoon, and I was about to experience another slice of heaven. I decided to extend my walk by taking in the fisherman’s pier. I watched and celebrated as a young fisherman caught his first crab, and within yards of the pier’s end I jumped for joy as I watched three whales, including a calf, slowly head north. Over our heads pelicans dive-bombed the ocean surface spearing fish after fish. I continually thought how incredibly lucky I am to experience such riches all within minutes of my home.

On my way back to the house I passed a local women who went by the name Maria. She was gifting plants to each Mother who passed by her make-shift stand. I explained I was not a mother but had the honor of loving the best mother in the whole world. That was close enough; I was part of the Mothers Club… I walked away with a beautiful plant!

My intention this week is to bring awareness to how I can give to others, directly or indirectly, and notice what motivated me to take action or not. I invite you to try it. Do you take action from your head, heart, gut?