This week I’m heading for NY and I plan (in and around work time) to create adventure time for myself. Having spent a fair amount of time in New York City over the years, I’ve seen and experienced quite a lot, but that’s what I love about NY, there is always lots more to do and see.

I can feel the excitement building inside my body as I am writing this blog. My toes are wiggling, my energy is high, I have a sense of lightness to my body and my back feels a little straighter than it did this morning – but that could have something to do with the yoga practices I’m learning to integrate into my wellness program. However, all words aside, my body is ready and willing for its next adventure. I feel full of joy in this moment.

What adventures do you have in mind for the coming week? What body sensations do you sense when you’re excited? I invite you to become masterful at listening to your body sensations, the benefit of living with such deep self-awareness is a joy to behold!


Transparency Call Out!

I wanted to share with you all why I didn’t post a Motivational Monday Message last week. I started to write a blog about judging ….. but I couldn’t finish it. My perfectionist persona became so triggered my brain went to mush. Long walks and meditation helped to remind me to love my inner triggered judge but by now it was Wednesday afternoon….. another story for another day!