This week WonderWorks Partners have been asked to facilitate at the Conscious Company Magazine Forum Event held at the 1440 Multiversity, Ca.

In this format, I am looking forward to playing my part in making history while spending time with my peers.  Leaders from conscious culture focused non-profits and for-profit organizations from a variety of industries; coming together to share, to learn, and to connect at a deeper heartfelt level with one another. The word ‘scrumptious’ comes to mind.

What else do I love about this experience – well it has never happened before …. meaning this group of people, at this time have not come together before. How cool is that? I can feel my energy rising as I share this with you.

I love to create ‘first time’ opportunities in my life…it’s the explorer in me. I feel energized going or doing something I have not done before – even though sometimes I feel lots of fear and I look messy, but I know I want to be there so my route (roots) to enjoying the experience I have found is to make a commitment to acknowledge my feelings vs fight or deny whatever feelings are coming up for me. And to use reliable practices in support of myself such as meditation, breathing exercises, movement (dance, swim) whatever allows me to stay with the feeling until I feel complete and fully awake.

How do you experience ‘firsts’?

  1. What do you like?
  2. What do you sense as most challenging about the experience?

I wonder if you would be willing to get curious and journal what you notice about yourself when taking on something new. I highly recommend this simple practice of noticing and journal your experience, I’ve seen many leaders have (light bulb) moments … And shift old belief systems through this process.

Wishing you all a fun week.