Last week I attended a conference at the 1440 Multiversity location in the California redwoods. I had a blast on many levels and…. I remember on two occasions I gossiped about certain people (not in my presence) at the conference. Fortunately for me, my conscious friends had no appetite for gossip, so the conversations were short lived.
On reflection I consider myself as someone who is not a big gossiper but I thought what a great opportunity this was for me to get curious about why I wanted to gossip in the first place?
First thing I did was to notice the stories I made up to justify my unconscious behaviors. Here’s a quick sample; I was bored. I judged the person speaking. I was tired. I was hungry. I judged the program didn’t have enough breaks. Then I landed on my favorite drift…sometimes when I gossip, I think I’m being funny but I’m not, I’m actually being sarcastic.
Drifting felt easy and familiar plus I liked the shot of adrenaline that came with it. However, soon afterwards my energy was drained and I felt sad.
Unlike, how I felt once I had recommitted to shifting this certain behavior i.e gossiping. I had a sense of newfound energy and strength in my body. I notice my back straighten up, I felt taller and happier.
That’s the great thing about bringing awareness to behaviors that no longer are of service to me/you.. (to be clear: everyone of us will drift – no matter who we are or how conscious we think we are. The gift that we can give ourselves is to shorten the time we are adrift from our consciousness).
Here are a few of the simple practices I continue to use in support of my aliveness throughout the day:
1. I gently rock my shoulders back and forth, and shake my hands, arms and legs
2. I enjoy going out during the day for a short walks or hike
3. I remind myself to take a number of deep belly breaths
4. I eat less sugar and more healthy snacks
5. I commit to meditation
6. I Journal
In this moment, I feel happy living in my commitment to a life free of gossip.
What practices do you use to support your aliveness?