Why do you think people play office politics? Let me take a few wild guesses….. It reduces stress in the work place, right? WRONG. It helps to create authentic relationships, right? WRONG. It builds a culture of trust, right? WRONG.

All joking aside, the more important question to ask is – What keeps office politics in place? In my opinion, it’s a mixture of unconscious beliefs and behaviors.

What is an unconscious belief? Example: I believe to my core I will never get the promotion I want unless I make others look bad or highlight they are less competent than me.

What is an unconscious behavior? Example: Gossiping

How can you stop office politics? By calling the game… Here’s how:

  1. Become a genius at appreciating people and remember to include yourself.
  2. Make a daily commitment to love and appreciate yourself for who you are.
  3. When others try to include you in office gossip, gently let them know you would be much more interested in hearing something about them, and not the person who is physically missing from the conversation.
  4. If you want a promotion that excites you, communicate your reasons why to the people around you, ask for support, ask for feedback. Become aware of your skills gap, and make sure you negotiate for the best salary package.

Make office politics a thing of the past in your culture… just like fax machines and typewriters…

Love to hear other ways you have put a stop to office politics…