I invite you to join me for a week-long challenge that I’ve decided to set for myself – it’s a challenge that I personally find to be one of the toughest to achieve and yet so rewarding on many levels when I do.

What is the challenge?

Keeping Agreements. In particular keeping agreements I set myself. You see, I have a belief that agreements I set myself count less than if I make agreements with other people. Noticed I felt sad as I share that with you.

It’s as if I consider myself less important than others when making agreements. As much as I want to argue that statement, by my actions and results that is how I am showing up in the world. And, most of the time I am so busy that I am unconscious to this behavior and the lasting effects it can have.

What to do about it? I………

  1. make a commitment to change the behavior I most want to change
  2. utilize and commit to the process I created which supports me to bring awareness to my disruptive behavior
  3. set myself a goal of five days as my ‘awaken’ my consciousness target
  4. make sure I have a journal and a pen handy at all times
  5. over the course of the next five days, will jot down every agreement I have broken, and I will add the feeling/s I am experiencing as I face into my repeating pattern
  6. at the end of each day, will double-check to see if I have conveniently forgotten to include any broken agreements. If so, I will add these into my journal without adding judgment
  7. will take the time each day to celebrate myself for keeping my agreement to the process and loving myself for having the courage to face my fears

Lessons to learn and questions to ask yourself:

  1. Am I making agreements I didn’t want to make in the first place? Hence why I can break them so easefully?
  2. Is there a particular pattern to the types of agreements I break?
  3. What am I going to do with this new-found knowledge about myself? (stay curious vs jump to a conclusion or judge myself)
  4. Double check: Am I willing to use this experience to increase my aliveness and self-awareness? (Yes – or why else do it)

I feel more excitement than fear as I begin this challenge. Are you willing to take this challenge with me? If so let me know how you get on, I plan to post some of my broken agreements on Facebook and my blog.

Have a Fabulous week!