I have a habit of sitting down first thing in the morning and composing a list of my tasks for the day… the trouble is, I love writing lists so much that the list becomes impossible for me to complete in one day. No surprise I end up feeling sad, because I’m not making the kind of progress I want… unrealistic goals, set up unhappy results!

Today I wrote a new kind of task list…. each task had its own timeline attached. This way, looking at the list I had a rough idea of how long it would take me to complete each task. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself… I support others to create development plans which include setting goals and timelines etc… I’m great supporting others to do what I have not been aware of or willing to do for myself.

Lesson for today and every day… walk my own talk and set realistic goals for myself… I can feel the ease and flow in my body as I make that commitment and share it with you.

I can feel my energy rise up in my body, and I feel totally engaged in this process. I invite you to have a great week, learning what you most want to learn about yourself. Learning to laugh at oneself is truly a gateway to loving myself for who I am!