I came across a Henry Ford quote today, having just finished reading about Uber’s President Jeff Jones quitting the company. Thought it perfect for my Motivational Monday Message to you all

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” – Henry Ford

Jeff, you can’t change the culture of an organization by leaving it (I understand I have no idea of your experience at Uber, hence your decision to leave Uber, and/or if that may indirectly bring about the cultural change much needed at Uber) but what about all of the people currently still working at Uber…. they need conscious capitalist leaders like you to step up, lean in, and not leave them.

I invite all of us this week to notice when we complain about wanting change, and when and why we as individuals are unwilling to be the Change we most want and desire. Expecting or hoping others will lead the way for us to follow…… getting curious about why we ‘step away’ verses ‘step in’, will lead us to answers about ourselves and bring about conscious change!

Wishing you all an inspiring week,